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Main Rules

1. Do not argue, complain, command, or abuse staff members, either in Admin PM’s or other communication mediums. 2. Do not commit grief, metagaming, ganking, or ERP. You are here to have fun with everyone else, and most of these ruin those people’s fun. ERP of any kind is a permanent ban, no questions asked. 3. Understand what roleplay is, and try your best in English. We all were new at some point, and making mistakes is fine. 4. Be excellent to one another. (And) 5. Don't be a dick. 6. Know your job and the rules of it, especially security. 7. No bug exploitation of any kind. 8. Stay within your job. (Eg. No RD doing Engineering work, no Medical Doctor being able to hack doors, etc.)

General Rules

Be familiar with Roleplay and the meaning of it. Be aware of how to do your job, and don't act outside your job knowledge. If you're getting attacked and you're pretty sure it's grief, run the hell away, then AHelp it. Retaliating makes it much harder to determine who's in the wrong. Do not commit suicide. If you have to go AFK, log-out in the dorms or your office/break room. Suicide is against our server rules, and will be punished by our staff team accordingly. Do not post anything concerning the current round in OOC chat. Do not end-round grief. This is considered normal grief, and will be treated accordingly. Do not log off when arrested/captured as an antag, this is seen as avoiding RP and will get you into trouble, as well as being poor form in general. Do not abuse bugs, exploits or use ANY kind of cheats. Depending on the severity of the bug, this may get you anywhere from a week to a permaban. Griefing Griefing is the primary reason people will be banned. Assault, Murder, and Destruction are the primary forms of grief, but it can be a very umbrella term. If it screws up someone else and you don't have a good IC reason for it, it's probably grief. We are not a server for messing around with mindless killing. Griefing will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.


Metagaming means knowing information your character should not know.

The following things are not common knowledge:

Names of antagonists that are not officially apart of the crew. Changelings, borers, aliens and most antag things that seem vague are not common knowledge Traitor items / Cult Runes / Wizard Spells Teamspeak/Discord/Skype is not for in-game chatting, so do not use it as such. Using it as means to spread IC knowledge OOC;ly is considered metagaming. Anything beyond vague rumour(s) about antag factions. (For example, you know that Wizards are crazy people in weird robes that are terrorists, but would not be expected to know what the spell Ethereal Jaunt does. If you have a character that does know this, it very likely falls under metagaming/powergaming.)

Canon Rounds & “persistent stories”

You know how to do your job, and your job only. You do not, as a medical doctor, regain the OOC knowledge you as the player posses on how to hack doors. You also cannot “learn” these complex skills by reading a book in the library. Botany and cooking falls under general knowledge, and thus it is not considered metagaming for an engineer or medical doctor to know how to cook, or take care of basic plants. All staff have been trained in basic first aid. This means anything you can find in a emergency first aid kit your character can use. Character relationships are canon within common sense. Antagonists, events, deaths and “worst-case scenarios” are not canon and should never be remembered. Usage of the chats (NOTE: (IC) and (OOC) tags are used)

(IC) Use given department radios, and the main radio channel for professional use only, it's what they are made for. (OOC/IC/AHELP) Do not disrespect/insult members of staff. We are not getting paid to do this, and if you disrespect us, it’s much more likely to end up in a ban for you. (OOC) No offensive, insulting, racist, discriminatory, or offensive memes of any kind. Pornography of any nature is strictly prohibited. (OOC) Do not ask IC related questions in OOC if they can be done in IC. You may always adminhelp to ask us anything. (OOC/IC) Advertising another server will get you permanently banned, no questions asked. (Discussing features of another server, however, is allowed). (OOC/IC) Good, proper, grammatically correct English is a must. Netspeak, using smileys in IC, or any other kind of bad grammar is considered poor role play. (OOC/TS/Disc/Skype) Do not use teamspeak, or any kind of external chat/voice application(s) to replace ingame OOC or IC chat or to spread IC information OOC. (AHELP) Not for 'How do I do my job?' questions. The admins aren't there to search and copy-paste from the wiki for you. (AHELP) Adminhelp is not the place to argue your (job)bans or other issues. The forums are. Rules regarding AFKing AFKing in the hallways is will likely get your character removed from the round. If you have to leave so urgently you can't get to a good area, you can afford to sit a round out. AFK people should never be attacked or robbed. Antags are encouraged not to absorb/harm AFK players, but doing so is not against the rules. If you spot an AFK person, dragging them to the dorms or into a cryostorage is generally doing everyone a favor. Character Naming Names Should: Not have been used prominently in any kind of video game, TV commercial or TV show/movie. Consist of a first and last name, capitalized, without honorifics (Doctor, Commander, etc). Vat-grown humans, however, may be exempt from this rule. In general, be a realistic name. "Wolfen Alphahawk" or "Grax Stormdark" will get you laughed at and renamed to something realistically dumb. ERPing ERP (Erotic Roleplay, RPing sex) will get you an immediate, permanent ban without questions asked, due to how it can legally impact server hosts and staff when underage players are involved. Get your jollies elsewhere. Pornography in the library will get you a permanent ban, plus a ban from librarian should you ever return. There's plenty of other places to go to get your porn from. Not a 2D space game.

As a general rule, you shouldn't even be approaching first base.

Playing Security on Apollo

These rules are specifically for Security or Wardens. If you're playing neither, you don't need to worry about these rules.

By our guides, security members are:

Vaguely aware of antags such as Wizards, Traitors and Revolutionaries, with arrest-on-sight orders. Security are expected to be the front line against antags, not to aid and assist them. Authorized to perform executions after arrest, if they have permission from the acting captain and either overwhelming evidence, a confession, or a conclusive trial. (Overwhelming Evidence is defined as cases such as multiple eyewitnesses, prints on a murder weapon, AI or borg testimony, or anything else that would make a trial unnecessary. We realize these rules may have some problems, but expecting security to follow real-world due process causes long, boring, and impractical trials that simply have never worked in game terms.) Be aware of your responsibilities. Listen to the people you are arresting, and investigate a case before assigning a fair punishment. Unless there is a offense ongoing, you have no reason to charge into situations with weapons firing.

Traitoring/Antag Rules on Apollo


Traitors are part of the syndicate group, but are not actual syndicate operatives.

Traitors may not:

Go on a rampage (murdering for no reason at all) Ask an admin if you intend to use atmospherics as a weapon, due to it causing lag and station-wide deaths, usually. Blow up areas without any goal or reason. "Gank." Ganking is defined as attacking anyone without prior interaction, especially if they've just arrived on the station. Interaction is required before an attack. (The Gank rule doesn't apply during red alerts, or if the antagonist is considered Kill-On-Sight) Traitors must make attempts at completing their objectives, waiting is okay, not doing them isn't. Traitors may:

Murder crew members when there is something to gain from it. Blow up parts of the station if there is a good reason. (E.G target is in that area) Sabotage the station to force a shuttle call when their objectives are completed.

"Friendly" Antagonists are not a thing, such as "friendly" Wizards and Changelings. You can try that ploy if you wish, but Security are still compelled to hunt and kill you. Whining that you got shot to death whilst being a “friendly” antag will get you antag-banned to avoid you having that problem again.

Syndicate Operatives:

Syndicate Ops are the tough guys, often given the hardest tasks. Syndicate Ops may not:

Rambo their way into the station (one versus all isn't roleplay) Kill unarmed civvies without reason. Take over the station (You are trained and given an objective, right.) Ganking is forbidden, as usual, forbidden. Interaction is a must.

I will add on this list as I go along. This list may change slightly within the first few weeks of enforcement, but will remain mostly consistent. For now, these are our official rules. Any questions (punishments for anything not on this list, or rules that might need adding) can be made elsewhere.

These rules assume some common sense. Finding loopholes in rules will not let you off, it'll just get you a worse ban. Our vision for Apollo Gaming is a solid, strong RP base in which to play good, fair antag rounds that make for some memorable stories. Stick with that vision, and you should be fine.