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Quick Start

Want to learn? Here's what you do!

  • If you're new to Space Station 13 in general, read the Tutorial and General Help guides.
  • Not sure how to roleplay? Read the Crash Course In Roleplaying.
  • Read our server rules to avoid unnecessary banning from the server.
  • Browse our Lore. Apollo is set in a slightly different universe than other servers have, so please read it even if you're not new to SS13.
  • When you try out a new job, always look over the wiki page for that job. These are concentrated tips and how-to guides to get you started.
  • Before you join the round as a Head of Staff, read the Standard Operating Procedure and the Guide to Command.

If you're still confused, feel free to ask in-game over the OOC channel, an adminhelp (F1), or by creating a thread on our forums. For other guides written by our players that may not be listed here, check out our forum's tutorials and information section.

Getting Started

Game Mechanics

Apollo Guides

For a short background, station layout, and general information see NSS Apollo.


For a more detailed explanation of all of the jobs available, see the job guides page.






Antagonist Guides

Other Guides

Be sure to check out the guides category page as it may contain some things that are not listed here.