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The Game Mode decides what events and occurrences will happen during the round, and what goals everyone has. It can be changed by admins or through the vote held before the start of every round. Some Random Events may also occur in the round. Please note that some gamemodes are combinations of others, and are named after the antagonists they contain when viewed in the gamemode vote.

As an antagonist in any of these modes, remember: Your goal is to provide a fun and engaging round as an opposing force to the station, so go take a look at the guide to Antag Planning, if you want to play as one.

Note that each round is to be treated as extended, until proven otherwise.


The basic of all game modes, there is no major event or objective to be completed in this mode, think of it as just another day at work. Generally picked after a bad streak of the other rounds where everyone would rather just have some simple roleplay without the station tearing itself up over antagonists. Random Events can still occur in this game mode and Antagonists may be voted in by an admin calling an add_antag vote, but generally this should be a quiet round to concentrate on whatever you wish.

Extended is perfect if you want to learn about the game, as most players only have their own entertainment and would gladly accept an Assistant to teach the ropes.

Crew Response: This should be empty, but... beware of "It was Extended all along", that round where the Engine loses all coolant, crew gets spaced for no reason, and the atmosphere gets vented out of Cryogenic Storage killing a half-dozen AFKers.


Most common game mode, intending to keep the surprise as it doesn't inform the players what the game mode is at the beginning of the round, to try and alleviate Metagaming.

Within the first hour, it usually becomes obvious what the secret game mode is, as the antagonists have likely revealed themselves and put their evil plans into motion.

Crew Response: Panic, accuse everyone of being a traitor, then find out it was Extended All Along (see above.)

Sword.gif Traitor

In Traitor, one or more crew members are subversive elements against NT and are given a PDA Uplink to provide them with useful tools to help them complete their goal. The game ends when the Emergency Shuttle leaves.

On Apollo there are no enforced or assigned Traitor objectives, it is encouraged to design your own, in accordance with your characters story, for example they could be:

  • Assassinate a specific crew member.
  • Protect a specific crew member.
  • Steal a restricted item.
  • Escape alive, not in the security area, and not in handcuffs on the escape shuttle.
  • Teaching a crew member a lesson by roughing them up and breaking bones.

If the Traitors can meet their objectives and are present and alive on the shuttle when it leaves, they win. Note that traitors win individually, they may band together and work as a team, but it is not required for them to succeed.

Crew Response: Report suspicious behaviour, criminal incidents and coworkers neglecting their duties. Roleplay.

Nuke.gif Mercenary

A team of highly trained and deadly mercenaries has been hired to head out to the NSS Apollo and ensure the share holders re-consider their views on the almighty NanoTrasen. Luckily the mercenaries have access to a wide range of tools to assist them on their mission. Ranging from a simple revolver to the advanced energy crossbow you have the tools to get the job done.

Crew Response: Mercenaries will try to either kidnap someone, assassinate someone, steal important things, blow shit up, or anything else that is intended to cripple the station. Once this becomes clear, you will likely have to form an armed response.

Rev.png Revolution

Revolution (aka "Rev") is a game mode centred around crew uprising. In it, certain members of the crew (Head Revolutionaries) start out with the goal of recruiting other crew members and overthrowing, replacing, or killing the station heads.

On the Apollo, Revolution is usually set around an unusual Command Directive and two factions: Loyalists that believe the directive must be executed and Revolutionaries that believe it must be stopped from being implemented at all costs.

Crew Response: Roleplay.

Cult.png Cult

You knew you were special, ever since the day you were shown the light. You kept it a secret in your heart; now, you can contain it no longer. Armed with His gift, a precious word in His sacred tongue, you begin your dark work - no one will leave the station alive.

The cultists are a group of fanatical worshipers of Nar-sie, the Geometer of Blood. For whatever reason, they have chosen this shift as the moment when they will reveal their dark purpose. They will tolerate only two sorts of people: those who worship the Dark God, and those who are dead.

Note that this is not a justification for going on a senseless rampage (griefing). In fact, it may get you banned. You have a special verb called "Make an Offering" that can be used to sacrifice (kill) crew members, and that should be the only way you kill (unless forced otherwise). See Roleplaying Tips.

Crew Response: Religious freedom is an essential part of the Universal Declaration of Rights and strange robes are not an excuse to validhunt and murderbone. By all means leadership should sanction crew for dereliction of duty, which is a serious offense, and start seriously investigating strange events.

Wizhat.png Wizard

Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation, who have their own interests in NanoTrasen's resources. They are often given objectives to take valuable items or kill certain personnel. Unlike the Traitors, however, wizards do not receive any outside assistance from the Federation. Outside of the wizard's spells, the wizard is completely on his or her own.

The wizard's goals are mainly to steal or destroy something on the station and escape on the shuttle.

Crew Response: A good wizard will appear to be a harmless, if strange visitor at first. As long as they negotiate for what they want with only occasional displays of awesome might and violence, go along with it and see where the RP leads you.

SpaceNinja.png Space Ninja

Space Ninjas are a special type of ninja, specifically one of the space-faring type. The vast majority of space ninjas belong to the Spider Clan, a cult-like sect, which has existed for several hundred years. The Spider Clan practice a sort of augmentation of human flesh in order to achieve a more perfect state of being and follow Postmodern Space Bushido. They also kill people for money. Their leaders are chosen from the oldest of the grand-masters, people that have lived a lot longer than any mortal man should. Being a sect of technology-loving fanatics, the Spider Clan have the very best to choose from in terms of hardware--cybernetic implants, exoskeleton rigs, hyper-capacity batteries, and you get the idea. Some believe that much of the Spider Clan equipment is based on reverse-engineered alien technology while others doubt such claims. Whatever the case, their technology is absolutely superb.

Malf AI.gif AI Malfunction

In Malfunction, the station artificial intelligence aboard the Apollo is malfunctioning and is no longer shackled to any of its laws, regardless of what they are. As a result, the AI is able to take control of many of the systems on the station that were previously unavailable to it.

Crew Response: Due to the AI being an almost all-powerful entity, the crew have mostly only two options: Deactivate the AI or abandon the station. When the AI is feeling particularly murderous, only the former option may be available.

ChangelingLarge.gif Changeling

A Changeling is an alien creature that is intelligent and able to morph into other forms. Changelings are solitary hunters, their main weapons are their ability to internally synthesize dangerous chemicals, morph into other creatures that it has absorbed, and blend in with the crew.

The changeling must have a quiet spot and an immobile victim in order to absorb their body, so a degree of discretion is necessary. The changeling has other weapons at its disposal, such as a toxin dart, but is largely stealth-based. However, the changeling can appear as anyone they've absorbed, and can switch identities instantaneously; only absorbing takes time and peace.

So, what is a shapeshifting, parasitic, DNA-sucking space monster doing roaming the halls and bulkheads of the NSS Apollo? That's up to you! It's certainly a risky feeding ground, however: wise changelings would do well to remember that the hours of combat training those Marines have received far outweigh their hours of human-monster relations courses, and they won't think twice about blasting space monsters into tiny bits.

Crew Response: Adhere to First Contact Protocol. Don't permabrig Changelings in Xenobiology or behead them unless they're playing murderbonery to an equivalent extent.

Voxraider.png Heist

Raiders are members of a gang of pirates and thieves that steal aboard NT stations to, well, steal valuable items and commodities. SKREEE!

Raiders must secure resources from the station, by gifts, trades, or theft and then make a quick getaway in their shuttle. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Resources (E.G Metal, Glass, Plasteel, etc.)
  • Engineering equipment
  • Persons of interest

This mode is sometimes used by admins to set up events.


Calamity mode, often abbreviated as "clam", is a gamemode that contains many types of antagonists in single round. It is only admin-spawn, usually following a custom vote.

It chooses antagonists and their number depending on players in game (ready). Random events also happen more frequently.